ORS - Open Roof Systems ORS - Open Roof Systems ORS - Open Roof Systems

ORS BV is an innovative company. With the development of new concepts we give special attention to sustainability , safety, costs and revenues. One of the latest , innovative concepts is the ORS Open Roof System.

In all weather conditions, the transparent roof makes it possible to play sports with an outdoor perception. The module structure provides a light and therefore cost-friendly construction with a wide range of possibilities. The natural light through the transparent panels and an ingenious lighting, provide savings on electricity and maintenance costs. For new courts, ORS can also provide a patented irrigation system. By using prefabricated elements, the construction period is limited. Also a minimal amount of space around the sports fields is required.

The roofs of ORS are ideal for sports like tennis , soccer, hockey, volleyball, handball, netball, basketball, badminton , horse riding and swimming.