ORS - Open Roof Systems ORS - Open Roof Systems ORS - Open Roof Systems


  • Play sports in all weather conditions on your own (club) accommodation
  • Outdoor perception is retained due to transparent and open design
  • The roof opens and closes in just four minutes
  • Numerous options available
  • Short construction time
  • Saving electricity
  • Only a minimal amount of space around the sports fields is required


  • Use of prefabricated elements
  • Numerous options available
  • Transparency and open design
  • Natural light through transparent panels
  • Glass and plastic casing
  • Optimal lightning by ingenious lighting system
  • A patented irrigation system for new courts.

Due to their flexible design ORS roofs are deployable in many ways.  ORS also offers customized solutions and we assist you in finding the best solution that meets with your wishes an situation. Curious about the options? Contact us!