ORS - Open Roof Systems ORS - Open Roof Systems ORS - Open Roof Systems

The initiators have their great knowledge of the project construction and steel construction technology combined with the development of a groundbreaking idea.

Both entrepreneurs play tennis on an amateur level. The limited opportunities to practice this sport outdoor led several years ago to plan for a roof over tennis courts.
The process from idea to final realization led to a patented product , each active tennis player by outside on gravel can play tennis all year and every tennisclub its members can receive .

Throughout the year. This is for promoters a dream come true : an all-season clay tennis court available to anyone . However, the possibilities of the ORS Open Roof System go even further . The transparent roofs are in fact also suitable for many other outdoor sports.

The roofs of ORS ensure the perception of outside with the comfort of inside and let the seasons disappear.